Things your mate may do in public to embarrass you

Some things are not that big of a deal but, if done in public, could light up social media faster than a Christmas tree. While some may guffaw and have a chuckle, others will definitely be laughing at you and not with you. Nobody likes to be the butt of a joke, and worse, no one likes to be associated with an individual who is said to be like school in summer: No class.

The following are a few things your partner may be guilty of that is not quite ratchet but could still be embarrassing to you. You might need to have a talk with them about toning down certain behaviours.

1.  Flirts shamelessly with your friends. If you accept that, then you yourself have issues.

2. Picks their nose in public. Just don’t touch the potato salad!

3. Curses belligerently, even in front of children. That is just not cool or decent.

4. Wears ‘Jesus’ sandals with white bobby socks. Why is that ratchet trend even still a thing?!

5. Bleaches their skin. Hasn’t Spice’s song, Black Hypocrisy, taught them anything?

6. Chews noisily with their mouth open. Who does that?

7. Wears booty shorts and see-through tops when you took her to meet your parents. First of all, she should not even be allowed to get in the car much less show up.

8. Walk with foil paper and bread bag to scrape up the leftovers every time they go to one of your friend’s parties. At least invest in some ziplock bags. They don’t look so tacky.

9. Pulls out the cheap weave, wash them and hang them all over the back line like a drug dealer drying his weed. Like seriously?

10. Show up at a semi-formal function wearing pants without a belt with their ‘bad colour’ underwear showing. Uhmmm….it is a no for me love.

11. Gets offered a glass of wine and asks for Red Label wine. Jesus take the wheel.

12. Takes a bowl of cereal, ignores the spoon and puts the bowl right to their head. Lord, if you are not too busy…

— Written by C.W.

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