Think you might have coronavirus? Ask Alexa

Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa (Photo: Next Avenue)

If you’re worried that you might have coronavirus, then ask Alexa. The virtual assistant has been updated to tell users whether or not they are showcasing symptoms of the virus.

Users can now ask any device equipped with Alexa ‘Alexa, what do I do if I think I have coronavirus?’ and the assistant will begin to quiz them about their symptoms.

It will then respond with information pulled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in an effort to provide sound advice on what to do.

Users can now also ask Alexa to ‘sing along’ while they wash their hands to help them time the task for 20 seconds, the recommended amount of time for proper sanitation.

That feature is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, the UK, and the US and mirrors a similar feature rolled out by Google on its home assistants.