This hurricane season will be a ‘Frozen’ one

It seems like we’ve just gotten to the end of the last historic Atlantic hurricane season and already we’re preparing for the next one.

The region is less than 100 days away from the June 1 start of the hurricane season, but with the last six all starting early, we wouldn’t be surprised if 2021 has something up its sleeve.

Hurricane names repeat every six years unless the impact of one is so destructive that it’s retired. So don’t expect to see Katrina or Sandy in these parts again.

The complete list of names for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season

While many of the names are repeats, two are new additions to the list and may ring familiar to many, especially if you have kids.

The first storm of the season will be named ‘Ana’ while ‘Erika’ was retired from the 2015 list the tropical storm unleashed devastating flooding n Dominica. So this year, that name has been replaced by ‘Elsa’… go ahead, we’ll wait for the Frozen movie recognition to dawn.

The last hurricane season produced 30 named storms of which 13 became hurricanes. We can only hope this year is nowhere near as eventful.