This is the world’s happiest country…for the 4th straight year!

Finland has been ranked the world’s happiest country for the fourth consecutive year.

Commuters at a tram stop in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday, March 8, 2021.
(Photo: Roni Rekomaa/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Nordic nation came out on top of the 2021 World Happiness report which ranked the state of well-being in 149 countries in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s the first time since the list’s first publishing in 2012 that researchers were required to look at factors outside of levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and corruption.

 University of British Columbia’s professor, John Helliwell, who also contributed to the report, said that the virus impact on most nations globally helped to keep most of them within range of their previous placings.

Helliwell said, “One possible explanation is that people see COVID-19 as a common, outside threat affecting everybody and that this has generated a greater sense of solidarity and fellow-feeling.”

On the other end of the list, Afghanistan was ranked the most unhappy once again, followed by Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Botswana.

World’s happiest countries 2021:

1. Finland

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

4. Switzerland

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Germany

8. Norway

9. New Zealand

10. Austria

11. Israel

12. Australia

13. Ireland

14. United States

15. Canada

16. Czech Republic

17. Belgium

18. United Kingdom

19. China

20. France