Tiffany Haddish explains why she didn’t spend Christmas with Common

Actress Tiffany Haddish spent her Christmas holiday with her grandmother, enjoying plenty of soursop.

Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish

According to the actress, not spending the holidays with boyfriend Common was not indicative of trouble in the relationship, but that sometimes space was necessary to make time together feel more special.

“That’s kind of how I like it, because I need space,” Haddish told People Magazine.

“I like to be able to create whatever I’m trying to create, and if I’m with somebody, I want to focus on them a lot and it can become a distraction. That’s also what I like about him. He’s like, ‘If you need to go, you can go. I’m not trying to hold you back,’” she added.

Rapper Common

Haddish went on to explain that Common is busy recording his album and she is working on a television show.

She added that given she’s been away from her family, she wanted to use the holidays to spend as much time with her grandmother as possible.

The Girls Trip actress was seen on Christmas Day eating soursop, telling fans about her grandma’s advice about eating white foods.

“So my grandma says don’t eat nothing white, that don’t grow out of the ground white… words to live by, “ said Haddish who was seen eating away at the tropical fruit, as a harp played in the background.