Tiger Woods says rehab after car crash is the most painful thing he’s ever experienced

Tiger woods

Golf legend, Tiger Woods says recovering from his car accident is the most painful thing he’s ever experienced.

In a very candid interview with Golf Digest, Woods said his rehab has been gruelling.

“This has been an entirely different animal,” he said. “I understand more of the rehab processes because of my past injuries, but this was more painful than anything I have ever experienced.”

Woods suffered comminuted open fractures in his right leg in the one-car rollover accident in February.

This means the bone was shattered in at least two places and broke through the skin.

His injuries required immediate surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center before he was subsequently transferred to Cedars Sinai and, finally, back to South Florida in mid-March to continue his rehab from home.

While he did not comment on whether or not he’ll be able to play golf again, Woods said he’s focused on taking things one “step at a time”

“My physical therapy has been keeping me busy. I do my routines every day and am focused on my No. 1 goal right now: walking on my own. Taking it one step at a time.”