Tinder launches video chat for virtual dates on its platform

Tinder Expands Its In-App Face-to-Face Video Chat Feature Globally [Update]  | Technology News

Somehow, Tinder figured if you’re okay with going on a date with someone you haven’t really met, then you should also be fine having a video chat with them too.

The popular dating app has launched its video chat feature to help those of us who are still looking for love but handicapped by the coronavirus pandemic. With this new feature, you can go on virtual dates with persons you have matched with on the platform.

And no, not everyone you match with on Tinder will be able to call you. Both of you will have to agree to the video call first. So be at ease that creeps and perverts will not be on there harassing you.

The feature is in fact, designed to be used to compliment and boost conversation once a spark has been established. 

Tinder first ad a trial of the new feature in 13 countries including some US states, France, Australia and Brazil. 

The company says it received positive feedback and as such has decided to roll the feature out worldwide.