Tired of that noisy neighbour? Then let’s do something about it

They say no matter your neighbourhood, you always end up with that one nightmare of a neighbour that you have to grit your teeth and endure. Whether it be hoarding junk, arguing, encroaching on your property or having questionable characters passing through at all hours of the day and night, there is nothing quite as annoying as sharing space with people that do not subscribe to your basic values and ideals.

And how about that noisy neighbour who mows their lawn at 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday or plays music full blast when you are either trying to sleep, study, watch TV or have company over. No amount of reasoning seems to do the trick. In fact, if you speak to some of them, they may even resort to telling you about the different kinds of ‘fabrics’ that they want to string you up with.

How does one deal with that noisy nuisance? You first have to know when and how to pick your battles. That means not everything is worth complaining about as some things are a part of everyday life, including a neighbour with a teething newborn that cries in the night. I’m pretty sure they are more stressed out about the constant crying and the lack of sleep than you are by the inconvenience.

If it’s a man and woman argument, stay as far away from that as possible as couples in heated exchanges are liable to say and do just about anything and you do not want to get caught up in that domestic exchange.

That being said, some noises can definitely be toned down and if they do not, they are just plain inconsiderate. Before any other course of action, talk to them and share how you feel without going off track.  Avoid name calling at all cost, just deal with the facts and try to get your main points across without sounding like you are chastising them.

If talking does not work, trying writing them a letter. Documentation of itemised grouses is a good way to keep track of incidents and it shows a track record of noise infractions. Sometimes when people see things written in black and white it helps to put it all into perspective. Once they are willing to hear you out, then you in turn must be willing to hear them out and let them have their say. This may lead to a compromise and an abatement of the situation.

However, if talking and writing produces no results you may have to take the next step which is making a formal complaint. If you live in an apartment complex, the overseeing strata should hear your grouse(s) and if there is a monthly meeting of all owners/tenants you can raise the issue; chances are, you aren’t the only person affected.

If it is a home, take your complaint to the nearest police station as your neighbour has basically interfered with your right to the peaceful enjoyment of your property and can be fined or charged.

That said, the first plan of action should not be to confront the neighbour with the chance of escalating the situation, let’s all try to talk like reasonable adults.