To the world! Jamaican cuisine shared with millions by popular YouTuber

Long before Toni-Ann Singh thought to grace the Miss World stage; Usain Bolt put on his first pair of spikes; or before Bob Marley plucked the first string on a guitar, Jamaican cuisine had placed the country firmly on the global map.

YouTuber Mark Wiens (left) comments on food prepared by Ras Mokko in Port Antonio.

The desire to experience the mouthwatering pleasure that is a perfectly jerked piece of pork or the savoury first bite of ackee and saltfish is almost unparalleled.

It’s that sense of wonder that brought world-renowned food vlogger Mark Wiens to Jamaica to chronicle the island’s rich gastronomic offerings.

In an enviable display of show-and-tell, Wiens shared eight videos of his visually-striking food tour across Jamaica with his 5.98 million YouTube subscribers.

From National Heroes’ Circle in Kingston for soup and crab to Pork Pit in Montego Bay for incredible jerk, we saw parts of the island that many of us had only heard of.

Within just a month of the first being shared, total views of the videos stand at around 12 million!

And based on the hundreds of comments, it seems people are waiting for outside to be a thing once more to make the trek to the Home of All Right!

Check ’em out and let us know which video is your favourite in the comments!