Too much tongue, too much drool: What a simple kiss can tell you about someone

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good kiss should probably score a million. A man or woman who knows how to lock lips, smooch and take your breath away can possibly steal your soul if you let them. Indeed, kissing is a dying art form, as most of the time there may be too much tongue, too much drool, too much teeth or too much pressure on the lips.

A great kisser is soft

The biggest thing about kissing that people swear by is that someone who cannot kiss (as in they are sloppy or awkward or come in so hard that their braces may even cut your lip) is also lousy in bed. A great kisser is soft, patient, gentle and takes the time to ‘feel out’ what you like and what works for you. All of these qualities they can, therefore, transfer to the bedroom.

Another sign to look for with a kiss is how your partner approaches the act. Tenderness indicates that he or she is comfortable with not only intimacy but with his or her own body. Continued awkwardness or shyness long past the initial ‘getting to know you’ stage demonstrates that they may have some intimacy issues relating to how they were raised or socialised around sex and sexual relations.

Kissing games

A kiss can also tell you if your partner is sensitive. If he/she kisses with such joy and emotion that you feel that you are the only person they have ever paid that much attention to, then you know they are attentive. On the flip side, a man who is forever playing kissing games and showing a lot of public displays of affection in front of friends, tend to be a control freak who is not so much in love with the idea of kissing you, as they are with establishing dominance and showing the world who is in charge. He or she is marking their territory so that others will get the message – ‘hands off my property’.

Keep it interesting

Long kisses can be fun, but you have to mix it up to keep it interesting. A female who darts her tongue, kisses your neck and nibbles your shoulders, can be seen as spontaneous and creative. Who does not appreciate creativity?

Now, the biggest thing a kiss should tell you is if your spouse is hygienic. A clean person will not have bad breath, gum disease or teeth with a lot of food build-up. They also do not smell of garlic, onions or alcohol. After a while, no amount of breath mint or gum can mask an unpleasant odour. A person who has good oral health is a dream to smooch with, as you do not have to turn and give them your cheek instead of your lips. 

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