Townsend makes first strike in 2020 Dexterity Championship chase

Yohan, son of veteran Montegonian racer Oliver Townsend leads the 2020 Team Streetz Asphalt Assault Dexterity Championship after a class-winning performance in the opener last Saturday (Feb. 22). (Photo: Nichola Beckford/BUZZ)

With Asphalt Assault: First Strike still fresh after its start last Saturday (Feb. 22), it was drivers from the western end of the island dominating the championship score table.

Nicholas Barnes, winner of the season-ender on his home ground of Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, may have posted the fastest time overall for victory, but it’s Yohan Townsend that currently leads the chasing pack.

Yohan, son of veteran Montegonian racer Oliver Townsend, sits above Barnes in the points having amassed 169 points after the first dexterity event of the year at Palisadoes International Raceway in Kingston.

Townsend was third-fastest overall and fastest driving his Toyota FT86 in the rear-wheel-drive limited-slip differential class.

The newly instituted championship points structure leans heavily towards higher populated classes due to the perceived level of more competition giving Townsend 150 points to Barnes’ 130.

Urquhart overcame a night of DNFs to collect enough points to be in the top five of the championship contenders. (Photo: Nichola Beckford/BUZZ)

Barnes had five drivers in his class, PRO, and Townsend had nine.  Townsend scored an extra 15 points as he put down the fastest time on his first run at the course and 4 more for winning his class.

Barnes scored 164 putting him in second place. He gained multiple bonuses, 15 points for putting down the fastest time on his third run, another 15 for fastest overall for the night and 4 for topping his class for a total of 34 extra points.

Daren Givans continued to live up to his nickname, The Upsetta, taking third place in the championship against some bigger names and serious cars.

Daren ‘The Upsetta’ Givans beat some serious competition to sit third in the championship standings. (Photo: Nichola Beckord/BUZZ)

While the course might have looked perfect for rear and four-wheel drive vehicles, Givans took his 2005 front-wheel-drive Toyota Corolla to first in class finish and was the only competitor to execute the Lubit Smash properly, a sponsored section of the course that gave drivers a quarter-second advantage for hitting placed targets.

Chris-Jon Addison was one of those expected to battle with fellow Montegonian Barnes. He posted the second-fastest time overall at the event but couldn’t muster up a clean pace. He would DNF and collect penalties during his three attempts in his rear-wheel-drive Toyota Corolla.

Second in the PRO class gave him enough points for fourth. Shamar Urquhart, using his Subaru Impreza WRX in the four-wheel class had a similar night. After two DNFs, it took a hard-fought, third and final run to get his fifth-place championship points.

Fourth on the leaderboard is Montegonian Chris-Jon Addison (Photo: Nichola Beckford/BUZZ)

Mark Newman, Colin Whittingham, Matthew McKenzie, Mark March, and Darren Fray complete the top ten.

As per the new rules, all competitors receive a minimum of 10 points, so there is still plenty of drama to go for the next seven rounds of the championship.

The 2020 Team Streetz Asphalt Assault Dexterity Championship continues Sunday, June 7.