Travis Scott deactivates Instagram account after fans roast Halloween costume

Celebrities were all the rave this Halloween with names like Ryan Destiny (Lauryn Hill), Winnie Harlow (Dorothy Dandrige) and Kendall Jenner (Pamela Anderson) slaying their looks.

Rapper Travis Scott

Rapper Travis Scott didn’t want to be left out of the festivities and chose comic character ‘Batman’ for his Halloween ensemble.

Scott playing superhero dress-up wasn’t surprising as he’s a known lover of action-packed cartoons and games. It was his execution of the look that ignited a slow pot roast which led to the rapper deactivating his Instagram account.

The Sicko Mode star decided to be creative and transform the classic Michael Keaton Batman fit into a dark brown outfit. Though the details were true to form, the colour conveyed a different character to social media users, who saw ‘Cockroach Man’ instead of ‘Batman’.

Harsh comments

The comments were harsh enough for Scott to ghost his page, but it didn’t stop users from sharing the photos to different platforms.

“Batman is black, not brown. This looks like a roach costume,” a user said on a blog post.

“It’s not our fault that his costume looked like a giant roach and not Batman.”

“People were calling him choco man and roach man.”

“Well who told him to pull up as a roach for Halloween?”

Travis Scott in his brown ‘Batman’ costume.

Others defended the artiste and recognised his creative direction since his cars were brown.

“Dang, I liked it. I liked the brown and the cars. Lol, I could never let some broke haters hurt my feelings. That’s just me,” one person said.

‘What’s wrong with it…it’s looks custom made to match his cars…”

“I actually think it was creative and I like it.”

“Crazy. I didn’t see an issue. He should’ve just turned the comments off. Deleting is a bit much.”

Other celebrities who went as comic characters this year were Saweetie (Mystique), Quavo (Beast) and John Legend (Spiderman).