Twin intuition: Jamaican-born YouTubers, Baddie Twinz say they always knew they were gay

Baddie Twinz- Craig (left) and Carey Smith

Jamaican YouTubers Baddie Twinz are not only popular because of their jovial personality and elite network, but also because they are identical twins with an identical sexual orientation. In an interview with blogger Tasha K on Thursday night, the gay brothers said they’ve never confronted each other about their sexuality.

“It was actually mutual,” Craig Smith said. “We didn’t even have a conversation, we just knew.”

His twin brother Carey added, “We couldn’t, like, do anything extreme to let each other know because we lived in Jamaica and you know how homophobic Jamaica is.”

Relentless discrimination

The twins left Jamaica in 2007 to live in New York because of relentless discrimination. In previous uploads on their channel, the brothers shared that they were kicked out of their father’s house when he found out they were gay, and left to bounce around from one inner city to the other. It was in this living arrangement that the twins say they started to receive death threats from community members who they say gave them the ultimatum to date women or risk losing their lives.

Baddie Twinz- Craig (left) and Carey Smith

Since their migration, Craig and Carey have established themselves in the American entertainment circuit as hosts, models, singers, and vloggers. Their YouTube channel bears a 188,000 subscriber count with content including mukbangs, storytimes, and hot topics. Though they escaped the discrimination of the Jamaican environment, they still face critics online.

“We get a lot of questions and some of them are negative,” said Carey. “People are like, ‘What the hell y’all parents did for both of y’all to come out gay?’. We’ve been doing YouTube for a while now so we’re kinda used to it. We used to get a lot of hate comments. They used to say we’re together and stuff like that and I’m like, ‘This is my blood brother, what are y’all talking about?'”

The twins are currently working on their first cookbook which isn’t far-fetched as they often teach subscribers how to cook Jamaican dishes on their channel.