Twins get engaged to the same man

Twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque with their fiance Ben Byrnes

This twin is not only sharing looks, but the same man! BUZZ Fam, get into this. So a pair of identical twins have gotten engaged to the same man on a reality TV show in the US.

The twins, from Perth Australia appear on TLC’s “Extreme Sisters,” a reality show that profiles some “obsessive and inseparable sibling relationships,” according to the series description.

And get this, the 35-year-old sisters consider themselves “one person” so we guess their 37 year-old fiance Ben Byrnes is a lucky guy? We’re not sure. Oh, and he’s been with the two of them since 2011, so needless to say he’s more than okay with this arrangement.

And they are looking forward to starting a family together.  During a recent episode, the twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque were seen discussing their growing family, according to a preview on TLC’s TikTok channel, with Anna telling their mother they “would look after each other’s babies.”

“If Lucy had a baby, Lucy is the mother; if you had a baby, you’re the mother,” she said to Anna, who disagreed: “We’re both its mothers.”

“I’ll probably think what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine, that’s how it would be,” Lucy said, suggesting their own biological children would feel shared with each sister.

If a baby cried at night, said Lucy, “We would get up together, no matter what; Anna wouldn’t get up by herself.”

Bathing, too, was to be done as a family unit.

“We’re not going to have a shower [alone] and the other one look after the baby. That’s not going to work. Because we have to do things identical,” Anna explained.

“We’re just never apart, that will never happen,” added Lucy.