Twitter creates new handwashing emoji to remind people to wash their hands

Twitter is doing its part to help protect people against the coronavirus. The social media giant has created a handwashing emoji to remind people to wash their hands.

The emoji can be generated in your tweets by using one of the following hashtags;  #HandWashing, #HandWashChallenge, #SafeHands or #WashYourHands.

As the coronavirus-COVID-29 continues to wreak havoc around the world, people are being encouraged to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, ensuring that all parts of one’s hands are cleaned thoroughly to protect themselves against it.

And the response to the emoji has been very positive!

Twitter’s addition follows on from calls for a handwashing emoji by UNICEF.

‘UNICEF East Asia & Pacific is teaming up to see if we can persuade tech giants to create a handwashing emoji and help spread the importance of handwashing for years to come,’ they had written in a blog post.

‘Millions are spent each month communicating online about the importance of handwashing and an emoji would be a very important step towards a common understanding of its importance throughout the world,” it said.