U-report: Jamaican women and girls at greater risk of domestic abuse

Majority of young Jamaicans believe women and girls are at greater risk of domestic violence as they stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s according to the latest UNICEF Jamaica poll posted on its U- report web-page. 355 of 670 respondents believe women and girls are at greater risk of domestic violence during the pandemic.

Twenty eight per cent feel the risk is slightly greater under the stay at home measures, while 13% say the risk is the same. Seven percent feel there’s no risk at all.

Nearly 50 per cent of the respondents say they’re willing to report domestic violence against women and girls to the authorities.

Seventeen per cent say they’re very unwilling to report it.

Meanwhile, responses varied on what message was best felt could motivate people to report instances of abuse.

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Of 568 respondents, 37 per cent say confidential and private reporting is the way to go.

Thirty-two per cent believe mentioning abuse is everyone’s business.

15 per cent suggest that neighbours and community members help.

Eleven per cent say knowing how to report abuse is a start and 6 per cent say adding that women and children are at risk may be best.

Words featured in the poll as to how domestic abuse can be remedied overtime include, patience, listening, counselling, communication, children and parents.