UK parents win battle to name their son Lucifer

(Photo: Daily Mail)

Dan and Mandy Sheldon, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK visited their local register office earlier this month to name their four-month-old baby, Lucifer but the registrar was not having. They were told that their child would “never succeed in life” or get a job with that name.

Lucifer in the Christian religion is synonymous with the devil or Satan, and the couple was told that naming their son Lucifer would be like naming him Hitler.

But after complaining, the registrar finally approved the name. The couple, however, is still healing from her hurtful comments.

Appearing on This Morning today, Dan said the couple is in no way religious, found the comments “very hurtful”, and explained the name means “bearer of light” in Latin. 

“The christian meaning is that Lucifer is the fallen angel, but before the Christian meaning, in Latin, it means the bringer of life. So it depends on what part of history you choose to take the meaning from,” he said.