Ummm… Is semen really good for your skin?

Many persons claim semen is good for skin care.

Could semen really be good for skincare? Yes, you read right. It is a legit question, as time and again, the issue comes up with someone asking and getting snickers instead of an appropriate response. Now that you have calmed down and taken that somewhat disturbing image from your mind, think about it for a second. Is the porn industry on to something or is it all a fallacy perpetrated by men who just want to get their rocks off – literally.

No real scientific evidence

Despite what these foreign celebrities claim and all the YouTube sensations rave, there is actually no real scientific evidence to support this theory of semen equalling clear, beautiful skin. No one knows exactly where and when the myth got started, but some contend that spermine works great on acne. Spermine is an anti-inflammatory component that has traces in sperm as well as other parts of the body. There is no possible way they could make acne ointment or gel with this in it and ever let the average male, especially a Jamaican man, find out. The factory would go up in flames!

Semen does not moisturise, it does the complete opposite.

Neither hygienic nor healthy

The whole great free facial material is nothing but an urban legend as it can actually be counterproductive to someone with sensitive skin. That is because in some individuals it can produce an allergic reaction and worse, if the male carrier has a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), ejaculating all over your eyes, etc is definitely neither hygienic nor healthy. Let that marinate for a while.

Others swear that semen combats the signs of ageing, so if you lather up and moisture with it, you will stay youthful. Now, you do not need to be a scientist or a dermatologist to know this makes no sense.

Semen won’t rid you of fine lines and wrinkles.

Crack up and flake

If you examine dried semen on the surface of the epidermis or skin, it dries it up, and when completely dry will crack up and flake off. How then can semen be a moisturiser? It does not moistures, it does the complete opposite. We need to use common sense sometimes and not be swayed by the gushing and glorious words of the naive and gullible. Anything that dries out your skin cannot, over time, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

As to the claims of it being full of protein, so is a chicken leg. And even if it is homegrown, we should not overindulge on that much less something that comes out of the human body that is made for reproductive purposes. Yes, semen does contain a fair amount of protein, but the milligrams that it does contain cannot possibly be enough to substitute your regular protein food item for it. In other words, food should still remain your best source of protein, so that whole ‘protein shakes’ argument is negligible at best. 

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