Unbeatable FLOW: I ‘ve seen nuff deals before but I’ve never seen a deal like this!

Your days of running out of data and running to go top-up your plan are now over, thanks to Flow Jamaica.

In a game-changing move that makes all Jamaicans’ lives much easier, Flow announced today that it is introducing unlimited mobile data plans for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

This makes it a good news day—no question! Data is essential for smartphone users today and Flow has now made it convenient and affordable for you.

You can now download your favourite shows, pull up information on Google and watch YouTube without too much bother and importantly without worrying about the cost to your plan.

Students during one of Flow’s recent events.

Here’s the deal: Flow’s new unlimited plans will be available for only $4900 per month for both postpaid plans or prepaid plans with auto-renewal.

Simply put, there is no better plan anywhere in Jamaica. No one can top that!

You want unlimited, “any use” data, as well as unlimited calls and text messaging to any local network? Then sign up to Flow Jamaica and get the best deal for your money.