Unborn baby gives parents middle finger during scan

Jess Johnson and her fiance David Lewis were shocked to see their unborn child apparently giving them the middle finger

This baby is not even born yet, and already he’s fed up, and we can’t say we blame him.

So BUZZ Fam, imagine the shock of a British couple when they saw their unborn baby boy giving them a middle finger during a 4D scan. Yes, you read that right.

Jess Johnson and her fiance David Lewis paid for a private scan so her Lewis could see their baby after not being allowed into hospital appointments with her due to coronavirus restrictions.

But what they got was a photo of an unborn baby looking not too happy at being conceived.

The Hilarious 4D scan photos show the little boy covering up his face, yawning – and then appearing to flip his little finger directly at his watching parents.

“We went in and they started scanning me. He was a bit shy. He’d been shy in previous scans but he was covering his face up and giving a few yawns as if to say he was getting tired now,” Johnson said.

“Towards the end of the scan he started to cover up again as if to say, ‘you’ve had enough photos, now leave me alone’ We were trying to get a couple more as we didn’t have that many. 

Five minutes before the end he decided to give us the middle finger instead as if to say ‘that’s enough mum and dad, leave me alone now’.”

The couple believes when this baby is finally born, he will be a handful.