United States VP-elect Kamala Harris has patties in her refrigerator

US vice president-elect Kamala Harris

In an ode to her ancestry, US vice president-elect Kamala Harris has possibly endeared herself to all Jamaicans when she recently revealed she has patties in her fridge.

The Washington Post  wrote that Harris, the first woman to be elected vice president of the United States, “still has frozen Juici patties in her fridge and a recipe for oxtail that she is longing to perfect”.

The article, however, was more than just about her love of Jamaican cuisine but sought to give an overview of her Jamaican connections.

The world-famous Jamaican patty is still one of Kamala Harris’s faves.

Included in the article was the relationship with her Jamaican father, Donald Harris, and her times growing up. It shared details of her visits to Brown’s Town, Jamaica with sister Moya where she met her extended family.

Unsurprisingly, the article also included her love for reggae legend, Bob Marley, whose music she was introduced to by her dad he brought her and her sister to a concert where they saw Gong and The Wailers perform. 

“We sat up top in the back of the theatre and, as I watched the performance, I was in complete awe”, she said, adding that to this day she knows lyrics to nearly every Bob Marley song. 

Also of note, the article explained that Harris retains her ability to dabble in the famous dialect, being able to understand and speak it when called upon.