Unruly Fest: A ‘Christmas gift’ for vendors

St Thomas vendors certainly welcomed the Unruly Fest patrons.

Christmas Day came early for vendors, hustlers and small business owners outside Popcaan’s Unruly Fest concert in St Thomas on Saturday.

Springfield Road in Morant Bay was lined with your jerk chicken man, soup woman, fruits man, and of course, car parking ushers for thousands of patrons who travelled to the event.

“It’s good business.”

— Horn vendor

‘Ice’ Walker was one such motor vehicle parking provider, who transformed his yard space to offer secure parking for patrons.

Popcaan was lauded for bringing a major concert to the event.

School expenses

By daylight, Walker was smiling ear-to-ear as his lot was filled to capacity, earning him enough money to cover January school expenses for his children.

“Popcaan even design the show in a way where you can stand on the roadside and see everything that is happening.”

— St Thomas vendor

“I wish I had more land. The car park was so full, and we had so many customers,” he told BUZZ. “I’m a father of 32 children, the youngest is almost two, and this was a nice Christmas gift. Mi can deal with a lot of things for school and help some friends. This event is the best thing that could ever happen to this parish which is forgotten by a lot of people and politicians. It’s like a new beginning for us, and Popcaan even design the show in a way where you can stand on the roadside and see everything that is happening. He knows a lot of people can’t afford it, and he’s thinking of those people.”

The patrons definitely enjoyed Masicka’s set.

Yard style Jamaican kitchen

Cook Delroy Whittaker decided to cater to a different palate and set up a fruit stand and a yard style Jamaican kitchen.

“I’m from Duhaney Pen which is near here, so I decided to come tonight with my fruits, saltfish rundown with coconut milk, roast breadfruit, white rice and curried chicken, something different,” he said. “I feel good about the concert because it brings a lot of tourists and people here which is good for all of us.”

A live music event would be incomplete without the sound of horns, and Horace Taylor was in demand with his stack of over 100 horns, at $300 each.

“This soon sell off, and I have more I can go for after, so it’s good business,” he said. “Plus mi have mi peanut brittle and different sweets weh people can buy too.”