Usain Bolt stars in hilarious new Gatorade commercial

Usain Bolt may be retired but the cheques haven’t stopped coming in.

Usain Bolt and Abby Wambach in the new Gatorade Zero commercial.

Bolt is featured in the latest commercial for Gatorade Zero, a hilarious test of wills between the eight-time Olympic gold medallist and Abby Wambach, a FIFA Women’s World Cup champion.

Set to the lyrics of Broadway classic, Anything You Can Do (I can Do Better),the 30-second clip sees Bolt and Wambach duel it out in activities outside their comfort zones.

From flipping tyres to cycling on stationary bikes and playing table tennis, the sports legends duel it out in the hopes of one-upping each other.

In one scene, Wambach is jogging while Bolt passes her, running backwards, naturally. They are also seen playing football where Wambach displays her skills, having played in four World Cup tournaments and won two Olympic gold medals.

And perhaps the most interesting, Bolt and Wambach both doing wall-sits, with the latter performing the difficult exercise on one leg, which Bolt somehow tops by doing it with…no legs? Talk about a feat of athleticism.

We’re still not sure how Bolt defied gravity to manage this particular feat.

The two are last seen in what we assume to be a winner-takes-all speed skating competition. Needless to say, they are both terrible off the track and field.

The Gatorade promo for its sugarless product ends with the legendary basketballer Michael Jordan and soccer star Mia Hamm, the two who first started the commercial’s concept years ago, continuing their rivalry in a round of golf.

Bolt retired from athletics in 2017 and has since pursued interests in business, football and music.