Usain Bolt’s steak preference may surprise you

Dear black people, do have a heart attack, but Usain Bolt apparently likes his steaks medium.

The track legend made the disclosure in a recent interview with BBCX1extra, and to be fair, his preference for this kind of steak happened by accident. “I went to Italy and I went to this steak place, and they’re like what do you want, and I said ‘give me a well-done steak’, and they guy was like ‘no, we not doing a well-done steak’ the chef came out to see me and tell me they’re not doing a well-done steak. That’s how serious they are, they say you take away from the quality of their food. They did like a medium, and a medium-well, it’s nice man,” he said.

“Are you Jamaican?” asked an incredulous Seani Bee. “Do you know how many black people are screaming at their radios right now like ‘no Usain, do not advertise the fact that some of us eat meat with blood coming out of it? Next, you gonna tell me that you don’t wash chicken!” he accused Bolt, but he was swift with his response, diverting quickly to his native patois.

“No man, nuh badda wid dat man, nuh badda wid dat.”