UTech graduate helping students to study in Europe

Sadé Campbell is currently enrolled at a university in Germany.

For those who graduated from university last month, the ideology of the world being one’s oyster is still tenable. But with a challenging economy and a limited job pool (BPO included), the next move warrants heavy contemplation.

University of Technology, Jamaica graduate Sadé Campbell is offering students the chance to advance in academia while engaging new cultures, via her company, Your Way to Europe Consultation Services.

“We seek to assist students in finding a possible bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or job training (apprenticeship) in Europe,” the 25-year-old told BUZZ.

“Many Caribbean people opt to study in Canada or the US, but the fee to study here (Europe) is cheaper.”

— Sadé Campbell

“We meet with students, and based on their academic or career profile, motivations and language skills, we match them with the place of study. After matching, we assist with the application process which is critical as European institutions pay attention to detail, so one mistake can equal to rejection. In the event a student receives multiple acceptances, we select the best university based on the student’s financial situation and motivation.”

European journey

The agency also offers visa interview preparation and training and assists with creating blocked accounts (Sperrkonto) for German universities which require proof of funding.

Campbell is currently enrolled at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany where she is pursuing a master’s degree in polymer material science.

Her own European journey started last year, after having completed chemical engineering studies and learning about the opportunities available in the region.

After starting her European journey, Sadé Campbell decided to help her friends get there too.

“I had my hopes on the United States (US) since I wanted an international master’s degree, but I decided to go to Germany after learning about the opportunities here,” she said. “Many Caribbean people opt to study in Canada or the US, but the fee to study here is cheaper. Even many Canadians and Americans come here to avoid high tuition cost and debt because even after doing SATs and getting scholarships, it is still expensive.

Campbell continued: “Europe has world-class research institutes and universities, so you’re getting world-class education at a fraction of the cost. A lot of the universities work in collaboration with top companies too, so you can gain experience. Plus, there are diverse study programmes, including zoology, sexology, beerology, anything you can think of, it’s here.”

“Studying abroad is a great opportunity.”

— Sadé Campbell

She started assisting friends and others curious about studying in Europe last year and decided to use her know how to establish a consultant company. Since its launch some weeks ago, Campbell said that she has been receiving positive feedback.

Learning new languages

There is one suspected catch though – you must invest in learning new languages.

“Europe would love to have people, especially for apprenticeship. If anyone wants to be a caregiver or nurse, there are a lot of opportunities here, but I recommend that you learn the respective language if you really want to make it,” she said.

Interested applicants may contact the firm via Facebook or Instagram, as well as the website via ywtecservices.org.

“Once the student expresses an interest, we meet the candidate on Skype chat or WhatsApp call to determine their motivation and go from there,” Campbell said. “Studying abroad is a great opportunity, and I am just here to make your European dreams possible.”