Valentine Mclean creates one-of-a kind jewellery and accessories

For persons looking for unique, handcrafted jewellery and accessories ‘Koda Handmade’ is the perfect choice.

The business, operated by Valentine McLean, offers one-of-a kind pieces such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, handbags and other items, each beautifully crafted from natural materials such as wood, shells, animal bones, calabash, coconut, bullhorn, suede and leather.

Mr. McLean shares that he plans to use other materials, such as straw, to make bags.

“I am going into straw now. I am… collecting the material and then I will get somebody to weave the bag for me and I would line inside with fabric and then mix it with leather,” he says.

Detailing his creative journey, Mr. McLean says that he always had a passion for “doing things with my hands” and would often experiment with various designs.

 “I would go out and see things and say ‘I know I can do this and even do it better’, so I did a lot of experimenting,” he notes.

His says his grandmother and mother, who “used to knit and crochet,” inspired him to go into the business, and he decided to attend the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, where he perfected his skills in jewellery-making.

Mr. McLean notes that one of his greatest passions is to pass on his knowledge and skills to others through training.

Mr. McLean says he has seen a lot of interest in art and craft and would like to set up a facility where persons can access training and employment.

“My setback is when you finish training persons, that’s it. There is no follow-up to assist them, and that is why I want to do my own thing. I can train those people and after training them, if I get an order for some bags or some pieces of jewellery, I could use those people… and after a while if they want to branch off on their own, that’s fine” he notes.

“I would go out and see things and say ‘I know I can do this and even do it better”

— Valentine McLean

 “You will have more skilled people in the country than people who just learn something today and then that’s it,” he points out.

Persons interested in purchasing jewellery and accessories from Koda Handmade may contact Mr. McLean at (876)779-8874 or via email at

He also showcases his designs at Kingston Night Market, a weekly artisan popup market held on Tuesdays at 8 Hillcrest Avenue, St. Andrew.