Valentine’s Day gifts women do not want

They say it is the thought that counts but when it comes to gift-giving some men need to put a little more thought into it. You may not be the most creative person on the planet but if you start thinking in advance and consult with a female friend or two, you can come up with some ideas that are neither tacky, trifling, and just downright a throwaway.

Now Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year, and that reasons enough for you to go big or go home. This does not necessarily mean a big budget but it should definitely not include the following items listed below.

1. Empty Hallmark card. Come on dude, you can do better than just that

2. Any form of cookware, Ummm what are you say here?

3. Exercise equipment. She may think you are trying to tell her that she is fat

Image result for exercise equipment
(Photo: Boston Magazine)

4. Deodorant. You may end up alone if she pulls that out of a gift bag  

5.  Silk flowers. You call them silk, she calls them plastic.

6. A recycled gift. The one that was previously given to you but you took off the tag and re-gifted it like it is new. Trust us, she will find out.

7. Gym membership. Again the reference in her head is that you are telling her she needs to lose weight. 

8. Steering wheel cover. You may think you are ‘tricking out’ the vehicle but she will not agree.

9. A six pack of beer. Well, make that a six pack of just about anything.

Image result for SIX PACK OF BEER

10.  A framed picture of you. Seriously? Not even a photo of both of you? Talk about narcissistic. What is she going to do with that?