Vaping puts young, healthy at risk of oral problems, study finds

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Are you still experimenting with vaping? Well, I hope the findings of this research from Ohio State University will help you decide if you want to continue.

Scientists have found that vaping, even for only a short period of time, can lead to the development of dangerous bacteria linked to significant health problems such as gum disease and even oral cancer. 

You see BUZZ Fam, bacteria thrive in the mouth. This includes various infection-causing microbes similar to those found in the mouths of periodontitis sufferers. 

After three months of daily use, scientists found a person’s mouth was a hotbed of microorganisms linked to tooth loss and, if left untreated, heart and lung disease.

Vaping: how safe is it?
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Researchers collected plaque samples from the gums of 123 people who showed no signs of oral disease. 

Twenty-five were current smokers, 25 nonsmokers, 20 e-cigarette users, 25 former smokers using e-cigarettes and 28 people maintaining both cigarette smoking and vaping habits. 

Even former smokers who had transitioned to e-cigarettes had more damaging bacteria present than current smokers who do not vape. 

“If you stop smoking and start vaping instead, you don’t move back toward a healthy bacterial profile but shift up to the vaping profile,” said Professor Kumar. 

The study’s senior author Professor Purnima Kumar said: “Vaping is such a big assault on the oral environment, and the change happens dramatically and over a short period of time.”