Vaping Sensi-bly: Tara’s quest for quality in the vaping industry

Tara Jane Forrest (Photos: Contributed)

After surviving a hit and run in 2017 that left her in immense physical pain, Tara Jane Forrest went against the traditional use of opioids for pain management. Instead, she decided to incorporate cannabis extract into her recovery regimen.

The general assumption around Cannabis use, specifically Marijuana is that the plant is typically consumed through smoking the herb. Tara, however, wanted something more discreet.

Tara Jane Forrest wanted an alternative to opioids

This led her to the vaping industry. Forrest bought her first vape pen and proceeded to test it out. Ensuring that she procured cannabis oil with little to no THC, she was able to alleviate the pain without the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

She soon found, however, that most vape pens and pods on the open market were unreliable. “I think I bought from three different companies,” she told BUZZ.

“I got two and then I had one backup and in using them they were either really cheap quality, unreliable, stopped charging, or the finish would scrape off within a week.” she said.

This left her incredibly frustrated and overcome with pain. It was this experience that sparked her idea for Sensi Luxury Vapes.

“I was very dissatisfied with what was available to me as a customer, so I went ahead and I started designing what I would have wanted in a vaporizer.” she said.

‘Sensi Luxury Vapes opens up a world of possibilities for individuals from all walks of life’.

— Forrest

Realizing there was an immense gap in the market for reliable vape pens and pods, Forrest envisioned a product that would not fail consumers, no matter the stress it was under.

Forrest said her vaporizer is suitable for all lifestyles. Sensi Vape pens sport a smaller battery to ensure peak discretion for all your social outings. They are light and portable, and with the lack of a coil, the chances of spilling when refilling are reduced.

Sensi Vapes are suitable for all lifestyles

An all-female team

In another unconventional move, Forrest assembled an all-woman team, in a bold attempt to create a haven for women like herself who are interested in venturing into the vaping industry but are wary of how they would be welcomed.

She believes in openness and as such strives to maintain a team with no hierarchical structure, a move that allows everyone to pitch and critique ideas; no voice is silenced.

“Sensi Luxury Vapes opens up a world of possibilities for individuals from all walks of life. With a fresh new look and its range of customizations, Sensi is helping to change the perception of cannabis use through its focus on ease of access, discretion and most importantly, the benefits to the health of consumers,” she said.