Veronica Campbell-Brown shares message of hope to cope with coronavirus

Former Jamaican athlete, Veronica Campbell-Brown

It can be difficult to maintain a positive mindset as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, and the loss of jobs, anxiety and depression that come as a result.

Olympian Veronica Campbell-Brown knows this and took to her Instagram account to share a message of hope recently. The eight-time Olympic medalist believes one day things will get back to normal. In the meantime, she said that she is focusing on things that are under her control.

“Eventually, we will get back to normal; I am hopeful of this. In the meantime, I am living with gratitude and focusing on the factors that I can control,” she said.

She also encouraged her 87,000 Instagram followers to share how they maintain a positive mindset.

“My mindset this season is being grateful and appreciating all the things and people I have around me right now. And trusting that there will be better days ahead,” one fan commented.

“I’m taking it one day at a time… Gratitude is a must,” another said.