Veteran Denroy Morgan still going strong

After decades of being in the music business, Denroy Morgan is showing no signs of slowing down. Last month was a busy period for him with the release of two songs within weeks of each other.

Denroy Morgan

He produced Stand Firm by I Anbassa & the Black Eagles Band and he is also featured on Zambezi River, a duet with the Dancehall Cream Of Zambia Africa, Moniq Stylez.

Denroy Morgan, hit-maker and patriarch of the royal family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage, has been just as busy making music as his offspring.

Members of the Morgan Heritage group are children of Denroy Morgan. The group released its latest album Loyalty.

While 2019 has seen his grandson, Jemere, release his sophomore album, Self Confidence, and his children Morgan Heritage just announced their next album, Loyalty, Ambassador Denroy Morgan has been busy making music with his “Outer Circle” children.

The year has been an active one for Ras Morgan and the “Outer Circle”. To start the year he produced an original song by the Black Eagles lead singer I Anbassa. This ganja anthem called Sweet Kali Herb is a crowd-pleaser.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, Ras Morgan was making more connections, family and music. His moves include the Youths of Africa series, beginning with the Missing You EP, released in April. It features five talented youths he connected with from five different countries in Africa which is an ongoing project. The project is aimed at connecting the Youths of Africa to Rastafari and Jamaica.