Voicenotes suggest Amber Heard abused Johnny Depp

It seems the ongoing saga between former couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has taken quite the twist after Heard is allegedly caught on tape admitting to abusing Johnny during a therapy session.

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The world has taken sides since the saga began as both actors accused each other of abuse. However, it seems that Depp may have been telling the truth after the Daily Mail out of England seemingly got hold of a tape of a session where Amber is heard saying that she actually hit the Pirates of the Caribbean star. 

She is also heard telling Johnny to man up as he related to the therapist about the abuse as they attempted to save their marriage.

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She is also accused by Depp of slicing his fingers leading to him contracting MRSA three times, burning him with cigarettes, spitting on him, defecating on his bed, punching him, throwing things among other acts.

Since the situation started, Depp has lost out on several key roles including returning as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates franchise while Heard has gone on to play roles in Aquaman among others.

Since the news broke, #JusticeforJohnnyDepp has been trending on social media as fans throw their support behind the actor. 

Another fan noted that Johnny was terrified of Heard, “listening to the full audio of amber and johnny makes my stomach hurt you can hear how terrified he is of her and how careful he uses his words trying desperately to not piss her off. the pain in his voice is so upsetting #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser (sic)”

He has since launched a defamation lawsuit against Heard which is expected to be heard in August of this year where he will present all of these instances of abuse.

Heard has yet to respond but the world looks forward to hearing what she will be saying.