Warren Weir loves Alexan ‘to the moon and back’

Don’t you just love ‘love’? That’s the feeling we’re having after seeing the message Warren Weir posted for his fiancée Alexan ‘Lexcee’ Stewart on her birthday.

Warren Weir posted this photo with Alexan and their baby on Instagram as he wished her a happy birthday.

Alexan, who gave birth to their baby in May, celebrates her birthday on Friday, August 28. And Warren surely made her feel special, professing his love.

“Happy Birthday to the most amazing friend, sister, daughter, fiancée and mother,” Warren said on Instagram.

“You’re that person who put everybody before herself. You always know [how] to make those around you happy even if you aren’t in the best of place, and for that I LOVE YOU to the moon and back. Thank you for always being by my side and showing me what true love is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIARA’S MOMMY.”

Isn’t that the sweetest post ever? We think so.