Ways a woman can ‘shoot her shot’

So, you’re finally ready to hop off this ‘single-ship’ but is having a hard time getting noticed by the guy you want to dock for. He watches, but does not respond to any of your flirtatious stories, replies with a dry “thanks” to your “cute pic 😍😍😍” comment on his Instagram post, and simply ignores your broadcast message.

Hey maybe it’s time you actually shoot your shot; like let this guy know you’re into him and want to have his babies (okay, maybe wait until you’re together first).

But how do you go about doing that? Of course, in an ideal world, he’d be the one thinking of ways to approach you, but it’s 2020, the world is less than ideal, and sometimes you gotta show these men what they don’t know they need.

So here you go BUZZ Fam, some tips on how to shoot your shot. I’ll accept invites to the wedding.

Start small-tell them how you feel

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Start with small talk

So maybe this isn’t exactly “starting small”, but it’s the step you need to take. You need to tell that man that you like him, that you notice him. Not just his hot body, or his dreamy eyes, but him, as a person. Please, for your sake and the guy’s don’t act like a fangirl, instead, be a calm admirer. Tell him something that he does that you like, that has made a positive impression on you. I know, you’re probably nervous, but think about it, this is a conversation starter that could allow you to be with the guy of your dreams.

Chances are, once the guy learns that you’re into him, he’ll like you too. Think about any time you learned that someone was feeling you; you probably started checking them out too right? Sometimes all it takes is directing some admiring attention towards a person to get yourself on their radar.

If the person is a total stranger, what do you do?

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Slide in that dm

In this case, you want to start off by mentioning something other than their physical appearance-if the guy is hot, he probably gets that a lot anyway, and you don’t wanna be just another forward girl. Maybe one of the many times you were just casually stalking his social media, you found out that you guys share a common interest in climate change, street dances, or have a similar sense of humour. Send him an article you think he’d find interesting based on what he posts, or if you’re brave enough, a funny meme. And then, get into it!

Break out of the friend zone

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You could gain a partner for a lifetime

Lord knows you’ve been pining over this guy for years now, and watched him date, and break up with multiple girls, but always seem to miss your window. Here’s what you do: Be vulnerable, tell this guy how you feel. I mean, you could lose a close friend forever, but you could also gain a partner for a lifetime-take the risk!