We all crave more of these in our lives…

We all have things that we want more of to make our lives that more enjoyable.

As long as we exist, we we’ll forever hope for the things we do not have or things we have very little of. The man who takes the bus always dream of a owning a car and the person who already has one desires owning his dream whip.

It is human nature to crave what we do not have and it has nothing to do with being ungrateful.

Here are just as few things we wish someone with a magic wand would grant for our lives.

1. Good food: Yes, we eat but instead of a diet of ‘flash out’ and white rice, we envision a platter of lobster with garlic butter before us.

2. Supportive friends: The kind that is there in a pinch and will spread the word when you start a little enterprise.

3. Business opportunities:  Especially since the pandemic, everyone is brainstorming ways and means to make some cash.

4. Mind-blowing sex: We all crave such intense pleasure that we may need to rest up afterwards.

5. Free time: In this rat race of life where, we could all use some ‘me time’.

6. Money: Even wealthy people want to generate more wealth. It’s the nature of the beast.

7. Vacation: Think about it; if you had the time and resources you would go on a mini-vacation every month just to get centered.

8. Love/Affection: There is not one honest person who does not desire more love, attention and that indescribable feelings of being truly wanted.