Weed over tissue: Residents stock up on ganja in the Netherlands

While the rest of the world was rushing like crazy to stock up on toilet paper, residents in the Netherlands were ensuring they had a good supply of weed to ride out the lockdown.

After the government announced plans to close restaurants and bars in a bid to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, residents started panic buying marijuana for fear that those dispensaries would be closed.

Reports are that persons were queued up in long lines within minutes of the announcement as they sought to get enough marijuana to get them through the period of quarantine.

As news of persons lining up to buy marijuana spread, sellers soon found themselves on the street to supply the product. Although persons are allowed to purchase marijuana in the Netherlands, it is illegal to sell outside the dispensaries.

Despite the crowd that was building up outside, the dispensaries were allowed to continue their operations once persons exercised social distancing.