Weekend Warning: Fatal crashes highest on the weekend

It’s the weekend and we’re ready to have the time of our lives.

Before you head out tonight, pump your brakes and check out this important info that may save your life.

The Road Safety Unit has indicated that the two-day weekend – Saturday to Sunday- is the most dangerous time on the roads in Jamaica, with the period accounting for the highest number of fatalities.

There are a number of factors for this, including drivers letting their guard down during leisure periods and speeding.

For its part, the National Road Safety Council is also sharing the oft-repeated – but life-saving message – don’t drink alcohol and drive.

We know you believe you can “hold your liquor” but just remember these quick facts:

Myth: A couple of drinks won’t affect my driving.

Fact: Even a small amount of alcohol can affect our judgment, coordination and vision and impairs the ability to perform a complex task like driving.

There is no level of alcohol consumption which is ‘safe’ for the roads.
If you drink don’t drive.

The tasks related to driving begin to show impairment with the first drink, and the degree of impairment increases with increasing alcohol consumption

When you drink alcohol it:

  • Impairs your judgment
  • Increases your reaction time i.e., there is a long response time
  • Creates a false sense of confidence
  • Reduces the sharpness of your vision and hearing

When driving, alcohol reduces skills such as:

  • Keeping your position in a lane
  • Steering
  • Determining a safe speed at which to drive

Remember, “just one more drink may be too much”.

Cue Damian Marley’s Reach Home Safe.