Welcome back Cornel Grant: Calabar High celebrates student who returns to school cancer free

Cancer-free Cornel Grant (centre) is accompanied by Grade nine supervisor Rosy Kelly-Jone (right) and Guidance Counsellor, Jennifer Jarrett (left) into the school’s chapel

Calabar High school student Cornel Grant has been out of school for two years, battling cancer.

When he arrived on the school campus on Wednesday morning, he was greeted with joyous celebration.

Grades 11, 12 and 13 students formed a guard of honour around him, as he was accompanied by his grade supervisor, Rosy Kelly Jones, and Guidance Counsellor, Jennifer Jarrett into the school’s chapel.

Students awaiting Grant’s arrival

“He was overwhelmed with happiness. He obviously didn’t expect all of this. The grades seven and eight students wouldn’t have known him, but it was as if they did,” Kelly-Jones old BUZZ.

Kelly-Jones, and Jarrett led a fundraising initiative and raised more than $250,000 to aid in his recovery.

Describing Grant as a quiet and hardworking student, Kelly-Jones said it was a heartfelt moment for everyone at the school. “If you didn’t know then you didn’t know. We at the school really tried to make it a surprise,” she said.