Wendy Williams’ mom passes

Wendy Williams and parents Shirley Williams and Thomas Williams Sr. pose for a photo on t

Wendy Williams’ mom, Shirley Skinner Williams has died. The TV show host revealed the sad news on her show on Monday.

Williams said her mom passed away “many, many, many, many weeks ago” surrounded by her family and that she died “beautifully and peacefully”.

“You know how you lose track of the day and time? All I know was it was a long time ago,” she said while holding back tears. “The five of us, my mom, dad, my siblings, the five of us – she will always be here.”

She did not reveal the cause of death.

Williams described her relationship with her mom as “that of two teenage girls” and said they became closer when she left for college.

“Gone is the best mother, the best girlfriend that a girl could ever have,” Williams said.