What are the dumbest things you‘ve spent money on?

We all need money, and would like to have more…but have you thought that you probably waste a good deal of what you do have?

We all wished we had more money. Even people who are filthy rich wished they more because let’s face it, you can never be too rich as one bad investment, one serious illness or one terrible addiction can wipe out what may have been a tidy nest egg, leaving you penniless.

While we all desire more zeros added to our account balance, have you ever stopped to wonder what you spend the little you do have on? At times, we waste money on frivolous purchases and fancy whims that make us feel good in the moment but later have you lamenting “what was I thinking?” 

Treating yourself to well-deserved dinner on occasion is necessary, but spending more on this than you spend at home monthly is a little ridiculous.

It begs the question, what are the dumbest things you have ever spent money on?

1. Cigarettes: Imagine paying to slowly kill you with cancer sticks?

2. Name brand sneakers: When you have one in every colour available, you have overdone it.

3. Gambling/Buying lotto tickets: Each year people spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and get mere hundreds in return.

Just think of how much people lose annually just hoping to have one shot in several million of winning the lottery?

4. Expensive dinners: Nothing is wrong with treating yourself to a nice meal but if you eat out more than you cook or eat at home, you’re throwing away money.

5. Credit card charges: Do you realise how much you would save if you paid your credit card bill on time or if you simply had one card and not several?

6. Name brand clothes: Unless you are celebrity who companies pay to advertise their labels, you have it all backwards and are paying people to wear their stuff. That actually makes no sense.

7. Gym memberships: No one is knocking the need to be healthy but every year, especially come January, people pay for gym membership and if they pass through the doors ten times in three months, that is a lot! If you are not going to commit to working out in a public space, you should at least commit to buying healthier food. That is always easier.

8. Bottled water: You could fill your own bottle or re-use a soda bottle. It tastes just as good.

9. Things on sale, they tell you how much you will save but usually it is on items that you do not really need hence you are wasting money purchases stuff you already have tonnes of.

10. Fast food: If you buy fast food daily, you are throwing away thousands of dollars on frozen by-products that may eventually end up costing you medically. Because it is convenient does not make it good.