What are you giving up for Lent?

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Regardless of the fact that many of us still don’t know the meaning behind the Lent season (hint, a quick google search might assist with that), we are in full Lent mode.

For one, we get a holiday out of it, and two, we get a chance to give up some bad habits for the season.

But when it comes to giving up the bad habits, we tend to be not so enthusiastic as when we are celebrating the holidays.

And to be real, sometimes, we are at a loss as to what exactly to give up. This, of course, might be rooted in our ignorance of the meaning of Lent.

But don’t worry BUZZ fam, like always, I got you.

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While you contemplate what you could give up for Lent, or which bandwagon you might hop on and give up something just because, see if anything on the list below would be more meaningful to you.

Social media

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If this one made your heart skip a beat, then maybe it is something you should challenge yourself to give up. See what else you can do for 40 days besides scrolling, liking, disapproving, trolling.

Spend that time with your friends (I do hope you have some outside of social media, if you don’t try and make some), pursue that new hobby you’ve been putting off, and travel to places without telling people you don’t know.


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You can do it. Think of all the health benefits you can get by giving up alcohol. For one, you skin will thank you for it, your liver and heart will praise you, and your sleeping pattern will adore you.

Not exercising

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It was apart of your new year’s resolutions and you still haven’t done it. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get up and get fit. You want the body, you want the energy, or the very least, those gym selfies. So YOU have to start doing something about it.

Toxic Relationships

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We should be giving these up in totality, but, hey Lent is a great place to start. Toxic relationships, are those one-sided relationships where you do all the giving, and someone else does all the taking.

These relationships often leave you feeling used and inadequate. Rise above them for this Lent season and beyond my BUZZ fam. Give them up.


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I don’t want to hear anymore, seriously. I know this might be difficult when you tend to see the glass half empty instead of half full.

But instead of complaining about every little inconvenience you face, how about finding the silver lining and expressing gratitude. If you can do this for 40 days, you can do this for the rest of your life.


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If you are someone who needs to put on a full face of makeup just to run to the supermarket, then maybe that’s something you need to give up. And if you feel insecure with makeup, then purposely going without it for forty days can be a real confidence booster. Try it!

Hitting that snooze button

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But you’re not a morning person! I know, but guess what? Your job starts in the morning, and you gotta be there. So get up, on time! get there, on time, and that way you can leave there, on time. (win-win).


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If you can’t afford it, you just can’t afford it. That’s the attitude you need to have for this Lent season and beyond. There’s never a better time to start taking your financial health seriously, and one of the ways you can do this is by not overspending. Often times we overspend to overcompensate for something, find out what that thing is and address it.


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Do you really NEED coffee to get your day started? Or do you tell yourself that you need it? Caffeine is addictive, and very difficult to stop. But try breaking the cycle for this Lent season.

Late nights

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Whether they’re spent on your bed, scrolling on social media, or out with friends, having a ball, you’re not getting enough sleep, and it’s showing in your attitude, and eyes. You need to put a cap on it. Your body and coworkers will love you for it.