What bad boys do that good guys don’t…

They say good guys finish last, well if they do, it’s for a reason. Knowing why women gravitate towards the so-called ‘jerks’ is a mystery akin to why toilet paper is usually two-ply and not one.

If you have struck out one too many times and your frustration level is as high as the cost of living, you need to learn why your failure rate is so high.

Some things are an easy fix, others require some effort. The list below should provide some clarity.

  • He tells it like it is. There is no ‘flip-flopping’ or sitting on the fence. He has an opinion and he sticks to it while a nice guy does not want to offend anyone so he wavers and vacillates and comes off ‘wishy-washy’ and there is nothing attractive about that.
  • He provides excitement and adventure. He will suggest trying new stuff that she previously would be too ‘chicken’ to try like singing in public or jumping off the cliff at Rick’s Cafe. He makes her see each day as an adventure while the good guy hols up the mirror and lets her see her own reflection and what she sees is boring, listless and predictable so she does not want to look into that mirror anymore.
  • He shows confidence. In everything he does, even the dumb stuff – confident all the way. He speaks with confidence which is contagious so she, in turn, feels more confident and confidence in a woman is ultimately freeing and sexy. The good guy at times is filled with self-doubt and seems unsure of himself and that can be a turn off to a woman who wants an alpha male.
  • He challenges her. Though we probably say we do not, deep down women just like men, love a challenge. We want to rise to the occasion, conquer it and stick out our tongue and say “Told you I could do it!” and strut our stuff afterwards as if we have taken over the world. A good guy may tell us “don’t worry if you can’t do it, that’s totally understandable” which in our minds translate to “I know you can’t do it, so don’t hackle up yourself”. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of our abilities.
  • He’s not swayed by people’s opinions of him. Yup, he cares nought about the opinions of others and therefore will chart his own course full speed ahead which shows his emotional independence and that is a very attractive quality. The good guy may want to do or say something but is unwilling to face the wrath of public opinion or what his friends or family may say. Haven’t you heard before a good guy say that he likes a girl but if when she meets his family they don’t approve, he may stop seeing her? Now what kind of man is willing to end his relationship because his family says no? A man who has not yet grown up. He is not ready for a serious relationship and his woman will realise this and slowly exit stage left.