What do our dreams mean?

For Jamaicans, and most Caribbean nationals, dreams can have powerful meanings.

If you grew up in the Caribbean, or even just around Caribbean nationals, then you know we do not take dreams lightly. Everything has a meaning and family and friends will sit for hours trying to decipher what a dream meant. There are dream books for sale and some will seek out older folks to gain further wisdom and guidance. There are countless things that people dream about but there are some Jamaicans constantly discuss.

See them below and what people say they mean:

1. Fish: If you dream about fish or that you are eating fish, it is a sure sign that either you are, or someone close to you is pregnant.

2. Flying: This signifies success in your future, especially in business.

3. Reptiles: Danger is lurking. It can also mean betrayal.

4. Teeth: If your teeth are falling out, it not only means trouble, it unfortunately means death.

5. Eggs: If you are finding eggs it is good fortune/money.

6. Nudity: If you dream that you are naked in public, something is going to happen that will be embarrassing or shameful.

7. Pregnancy: Some say it means new beginnings.

8. Cakes: This symbolises good luck/fortune.

9. Marriage: This is a bad omen, death they say.

10. Old death: Means a new death is on the horizon