What do your dreams mean?

Have you ever had a dream and woke up puzzled the next morning, wondering what it all meant? Well, there’s one person who believes she has all the answers. Spiritual expert and UK best selling author Theresa Cheung has written ‘The Dream Decoder Journal’, where she explains the meaning behind some common dreams.

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Dreaming of being naked usually relates to your emotions. It suggests you want to be transparent about what you feel. If people laugh at you for being naked, it suggests you're afraid of being ridiculed for being yourself

Cheung makes the defunct the idea that when one sees nudity in their dreams, it means that they’ll have an embarrassing encounter, rather she explains that being naked or partially nude in your dreams indicates that you’re feeling your most vulnerable.

“Perhaps you’re hiding something or not being true to who you really are,” Theresa writes.

“Or you might be trying hard to impress but afraid you’ll cause disappointment,” she adds. 

She shares that it is also important that you pay attention to how people react to your nudity in your dream in order to draw further meaning.

“If you don’t feel embarrassed, perhaps you’re being encouraged to be proud of who you are or the way you think or act. If people don’t notice, perhaps there’s no need to worry,” she said.

Flying without wings

Flying is almost always seen as a positive symbol, ' Theresa writes. Pay attention to the direction you're flying in - upwards or downwards - for further meaning

If you had a dream of yourself flying, then no need to worry, its almost always seen as a positive.

“It’s a celebration of something happening in your waking life that gives you (or will soon give you) a high.

“Perhaps you feel you’ve achieved or are on the brink of achieving, something significant,” Cheung writes.  

It can relate to relationships, professional success or personal projects. It can also come from a sense of freedom. 

Theresa explains in the book that the direction in which you fly is also significant.  

“Pay attention to the direction you’re flying in: upwards, or flying high, suggests spiritual growth or worldly ambition. Downwards, or flying low to the ground, suggests newfound determination and strength.

“Flying backwards suggests happy memories,” she adds. 


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Hey, just because you dream that you are cheating, doesn’t mean are doing it in real life. But it could be an indication that something is going wrong in your relationship.

“They are often an indication that your relationship needs aren’t being met in some way,” Cheung writes. 

“You might be feeling neglected or fearful your partner may abandon or betray you.”

“Contrary to the popular belief, this is not a wish-fulfillment dream: sleeping with someone else probably means there’s some aspect of their personality you need to assimilate within yourself,” she adds. 

In other words, you don’t want to be with them, you want to be them.

Cheating with a stranger? Theresa writes that there might be something missing in your relations or your life in general, such as excitement. 


Dreams about death are often misinterpreted as being a bad omen or that someone close to you is about to die. But, it is actually a positive thing!

“Dreams about death are typically a sign of positive change, of shedding the past and moving forward,” Cheung writes. 

Dying in a dream suggest inner growth, not something grim.

And if a love one or someone you know dies in your dream, it may suggest your relationships with this person is evolving.

“Alternatively, the person who dies may represent an aspect of yourself that needs to be transformed: one phase needs to end and a new one be started,” she explains

“If the one dying is a stranger, it can suggest you feel disconnected from your life and need to inspect this further.”

Dream Decoder Journal, written by Theresa Cheung and illustrated by Harriet Lee-Merrion, published by Laurence King on 17 August