What does his ring tone say about you?

To some it is just music on a phone but certain songs hold special meaning and even memory. This is why a ring tone on someone’s cell phone can say a lot about them as usually it’s a great indicator of either their personality or the image they are trying to project.  

Your man’s ring tone for you could say a lot about your relationship.

When people get comfortable with phone technology they assign certain ring tones to specific individuals in their lives and, good or bad, it speaks volumes about what they think about each person.

His general ring tone could possibly be Ini Kamoze’s Here Comes The Hot Steppa while he may set Taurus Riley’s She’s Royal for his mother; TLC’s What About Your Friend for his homie…and Barbara Streisand’s Someone I Used to Love for an ex. What about a baby mamma who comes with a whole bag of drama? Britney Spears Toxic, of course. And for someone that he still has some feelings for but who has moved on with her life? George Michaels’ I Can’t Make You Love Me.

A ring tone can be highly personal for an individual and reflect how (s)he feels about the contact.

There are thousands of songs to select for each person, similar to the way you can customise your WhatsApp notification so you know who messaged you without even picking up your phone. It sounds cool and all but doesn’t it have you more than a little curious to find out what special ring tone your boyfriend or husband has for you? And if he tells you or you just happen to hear it, how will you feel about it and what will your reaction be?

If it is Justin Bieber’s Baby or Britney’s Slave 4 You, then he is super into you. The man could even be looking to a future with you and ready to put down roots. Howeve,  if you hear Trust No One by Molly Brazy; Megan Thee Stallion’s Big Ole Freak or Christina Aguilera’s Diirty, what he sees in you is all about the physical, meaning he loves the sex. That’s far from ideal but it can actually get worse.

Another consideration is that this is 2020, people hardly ever use or see the need for ring tones, so maybe he just likes a particular song or is too lazy to change it. Both are relatable on a spiritual level.