What is the maximum age that humans can physically reach?

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Here’s that piece of information we know has kept you up at nights pondering; what is the maximum age that humans can physically reach?

Well, according to researchers that is 150-years-old.

That’s a pretty big number BUZZ Fam, and 28 years more than the oldest person to ever live in the world.

*Cue Taylor Swift’s and Zayn’s I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

So these researchers collected a huge amount of medical data from volunteers in the UK and US, using an iPhone app. And then had artificial intelligence analyzed the health- and fitness-related information They then determined that the human lifespan is most significantly based on two data points: biological age (associated with stress, lifestyle and chronic diseases) and resilience (how quickly the person returns to normal after responding to a stressor). 

Using these findings and related trends, they hypothesized that around 120 to 150 years old, the human body shows “a complete loss” of resilience, resulting in an inability to recover.

And according to their press release, “No strong life extension is possible by preventing or curing diseases without interception of the aging process, the root cause of the underlying loss of resilience. We do not foresee any laws of nature prohibiting such an intervention. Therefore, the aging model presented in this work may guide the development of life-extending therapies with the strongest possible effects on healthspan.”

“As we age, more and more time is required to recover after a perturbation, and on average we spend less and less time close to the optimal physiological state,” study author Timothy V. Pyrkov said. 

The study was published Tuesday in the Journal Nature Communications.