What men don’t want: Male dealbreakers

It is often said that men are predators who like the challenge of the hunt. Yet, for all their eagerness to couple up with an attractive mate of their choosing, there are some females with qualities, quirks or traits which are red flags in any relationship who usually have men running in the opposite direction.

The Balls Checker

Yes, you read right. There are women out there who, when a man gets home, have him drop his trousers and literally cup and weigh his balls to see if they feel ‘lighter’. A ‘light’ testicle is said to be an indication that some illicit sexual activity took place.

The Deodorant

While some older men are used to having young ‘arm candy’ with them when they go to events, no rational man wants a female who is glued to his sid,e every step he makes. These females may literally hold onto his arm like a magnet everywhere and what makes it particularly awkward is that usually, they have nothing to contribute to the conversation around them. Clingy much?

The Nagger

This needs no explanation. The yelling and harping on the same topic over and over can drive a man to drink…or find earplugs.

Miss High Maintenance

If she spends more time with her compact case or making sure that not one strand of hair is out of place, you do not have to wonder if she is born with it or if it’s Maybelline.

The Airhead

Contrary to popular belief, most men do not want a dumb woman. In the past, the misconception was a dummy was easy to control and manipulate but a real man has no use for a woman with nothing between her ears other than wax built up.

The Prude

While a lady is desirable and the kind you want to take home to mamma, the idea of an uptight female who is offended by every dirty joke, every toot of flatulence, every burp, who closes the bathroom door to change into a long nightgown or worse who thinks ‘dirty talk’ during intercourse is vulgar, is just not attractive in the least.

The Stalker

While men may seem to have a monopoly on stalker-like behaviour there are some women who can teach them a thing or two. These females will see a social media post about being out with the boys…and just turn up uninvited! Who does that?!

The Know-it-all

Nothing deflates a hard-on, like a female who knows everything about anything and who never lets a man get a word in. All this, while emasculating him about stuff she believes he does not know.

The ‘Homie Hopper’

This is a female who a guy likes and who seems mad chill but when he takes her around his homeboys, he finds out that she smashed the homies. In plain English, she has slept with one or more of his friends in the past.

Granted it was before they ever met or dated, so it is not cheating, but most men will not be comfortable knowing that their friends know exactly how she moans in bed or where on her upper thigh her mole is. If he feels like he will become a laughing stock amongst his friends, chances are the relationship will be dead in the water.