What men find really attractive

Lots of girls look really cute with their filters, and others have the sleekest designer bodies money can buy. When they step out they look fierce and flawless from their lace front wigs all the way down to their Gucci slippers.

Regular women sometimes look at their pictures and feel less-than because they are under the illusion that a woman needs to look perfect in order to be successful or to be ‘bad-ass’, when, in fact, these are not the things that matter at the end of the day.

While there is nothing wrong with spending money to look your best, being your best does not usually come with a price tag.

Many times we need to work on our personalities, and not our pockets. We should probably work on sorting out our stocks and portfolios and not our edges and lashes.

We women have to sit down and honestly assess what our priorities are, because beauty will eventually fade but stupid can last a lifetime. 

The following are some things men polled say count more than a hot body. See if you agree.  

1. Self awareness

2. Loyalty

3. Ambition

4. Emotional maturity

5. Honesty

6. Admitting when you are wrong

7. Being spontaneous

8. Deep conversations

9.  Intellectual curiosity

10. Being hard-working