What qualifies as “sexy”, PEOPLE?

‘The good guy who got it all’, People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2019, John Legend (Photo: Doug Inglish, People.com)

Okay, hear me out.

I’m actually happy that things are changing in terms of who People Magazine dictates as its annual Sexiest Man Alive issue – the decision is theirs, after all.

Our handsome, black men are among the world’s sexiest, and I’m confident in my sexuality to declare this.

Have you seen a well-put-together black man? Kings, I tell you.

Photo: DLG Media.nyc

Sexiest Man Alive, an annual feature released in November, is billed as a ‘benchmark of male attractiveness’ and typically includes only famous people and celebrities.

Now, what I wanna know, People, is what *exactly* qualifies as ‘sexy’ these days?

Idris Elba sizzles as one of four black men to be named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine (Photo: People.com)

The broad, bulging pecs, chiselled jawlines and rippling abs were once the mainstay of your selections…

By John Legend’s determination, he falls short, but not by much.

More of John Legend (Photo: Doug Inglish, People.com)

So, People, again I ask. What qualifies as sexy?

In a 2010 ABC interview, then-managing editor at People, Larry Hackett, tried his best to explain how the magazine decides who is deemed sexiest alive.

“We know it has to be a mix of someone who’s hot but well-known. Not too young, not too old and somebody who, frankly, maybe we haven’t thought of,” he began.

Legendary footballer David Beckham delivering smize during his photoshoot as People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2015 (Photo: People.com)

“Sexy certainly has to do with someone being good-looking and has to do with a certain kind of romantic, flirtatiousness physical appeal that may be beyond just academic appreciation of the way they look. We want some mystery in our sexiness,” Hackett added.

I hear you, but seriously, the question stands, because there’s a year (or four) when People announces their Sexiest Man and I have to scratch my head.

Exhibit A

Photo: People.com

Exhibit B

Photo: People.com

Exhibit C

Photo: People.com

Exhibit D

Photo: People.com

Howwwwwww?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these men had their phases and were most-appropriately crowned in their heyday but the Sexiest Man moniker is still mostly white, Hollywood influenced and lacks diversity.

It’s sad that after 35 editions, there have only ever been four black men to be named Sexiest Man Alive – with little to no consideration for the remaining ethnic groups around the world.

And so, what dictates sexy?