What to consider when borrowing clothes

No one likes to admit it, but there are times when we borrow outfits from friends and family members.

Be it an emergency, a sleepover, you got soaked in the rain, your dress zipper burst and a pin will not do or you, at the last minute, decided to attend an event and you are far from home. Whatever the reason, there are some simple things to be aware of when wearing things that you have to return.

1. Do not wear someone’s used underwear. Just don’t. If it is new and your size fine. If not, go without.

Photo of Underwear Hanging On Clothes Line

2. Wear it, wash it and return. Do not take it back unwashed. That is inconsiderate.

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3. Deodorant stains are a no-no.

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4. Do not spray cologne or perfume directly on to the garment. That is what you have your body for.

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5. If it has on a label do not tear it off. Tuck it in and go forth. You do not know why the owner was holding onto the tag and it is not your business.

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6.  Avoid eating things like curry and drinking liquids like red wine. The whole goal is to return it stain free.

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7. Do not wait on the lender to ask you for the item(s). Return it in a couple of days at the most.

8. Avoid items that are super tight. If you accidentally tear it, you have bought it.